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    Ladies Chattin
    A *New Board* for ALL women to get together and chat about everything.
    0 7
    2 Snagalicious Snagalicious is a graphic snagging site. We have many blinkies! There is also a fanart section for anyone who enjoys making celebrity art. 0 5
    3 Fun Zone Friendly, caring message board for moms and ladies to come and chat...drama free 0 13
    Online Michigan Parents
    A new site for Parents residing in Michigan!
    0 6
    5 Parents Connection We are a great group of ladies and guys that come together with the common link of being parents, TTC, adopting or future parents. 0 6


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    6 Mums World A Forum For Mums and Mums To Be 0 4
    7 Crazy Ladies A great new place for all you women to come and hang out. Hope to see you there. 0 3
    8 Totz2Teenz a forum were mums and dads and people trying to conceive can relax and chat 0 5
    9 Parenting Playground A fun Place For Parents Bother Moms and Dads! We are a drama free board and our members are like a family! Come Join Us! All are welcome!! 0 4
    10 Colorado Mommas Your local Colorado Mommas Online 0 6
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    12 Metamora Candle & Bath Creations Triple scented soy candles, Soy bath & body products, plus MORE! 0 5
    13 Canadian Chics Born in Canada, not in Canada but want to stay in touch with your roots. Come join us today! All the expected forums & much more! 0 4
    14 Townsend Family Family website 0 4
    15 Simply Mommies Here at simply mommies, members from all walks of life are welcome. We're simply mommies looking to make lifelong friendships and are clique-free! Whe 0 7
    16 *The Rusty Door* A fun group of ladies just hanging out chatting about life. Come by and join us! 0 4
    17 Carolina Mommas Carolina Mommas is *THE* place for other Moms of North and South Carolina to meet other local Moms and form Real-Life Friendships. 0 6
    18 Universal Friends Freebies, Deals PSP, Chat , Recipes and Much More!!! 0 5
    19 aHsNFcxsOhjz ryHOpQtkZThkQ 0 5
    20 Jellybabys - Parenting Forum Free baby and parenting forum and loads of free competitions 0 9
    21 Java Jane - The Ladies Cafe A message board for sophisticated, intelligent women. Full of support and drama free. Many free features to make this site one of the best around! 0 12
    22 Moms-on-tour A great site to discuss parenting and other issues,make new friends,join in quizzes games and competitions and its all free 0 4
    23 Lipstik A message board for women, because we're more than just mothers 0 4
    24 Ladies Vacation A place for women of all ages. Come in and join and make life long friends. LADIES ONLY 0 3
    25 Diva's Domain Inside, you will find a fun filled forum! We have a little something for everyo 0 6
    26 YEAR ROUND EASTER EGG HUNT FOR PRESCHOOLERS Enjoy An Easter Egg Hunt Any Day Of The Year! Chance To Win A Free E Story! Fun! 0 3
    27 mumzndadz A friendly parenting forum. A place to relax, chat and get advise from other parents just like you. 0 4
    28 ApostolicsRUs ApostolicsRUs is a Christian Moms Group located@CafeMom 0 4
    29 Midwesternmommas Where mommas from the midwest come & make friends online..drop in & stay awhile 0 5
    30 Parents Unite A fun parenting message board with lots to do, a friendly comunity & lots of fun. Come on in and join us today :) 0 4
    31 Belle Mamas. Beautiful. One Word; All Mothers A site for mothers regardless of age, race or parenting styles. Because all mothers need support, fun and friends 0 7
    32 For mums & dads around the world 0 5
    33 A Parent's World Come find support, fun and friendship from other parents. 0 4
    34 Michigan Mommas Your local Michigan parents online! 0 5
    35 Border Crossing Mommas Moms Crossing Borders 0 4
    36 Union Co. Christian Women A place for the ladies of Union Co., NC to come together and unite thru life, love, and laughter. 0 7
    37 Parents Planet PP is an international website for parents from all backgrounds and lifestyles, We offer a friendly easy to navigate forum with lots of competitions. 0 5
    38 Mommies Connect Where friendships through the life of a child are made. 0 1
    39 Womens_Retreat BRAND NEW BOARD for all women!! 0 4
    40 Simply Women We're a community for all types of women. Find friendships and support with us. 0 4
    41 Mums & Babes We are a brand new forum for mums and mums to be to come have a chat and meet new people. We offer friendly help and advice too. 0 5
    42 Girl Attitude ladies only,fun and drama free 0 5
    43 MumZone A great place for all mums to come and share their lives and troubles. 0 2
    44 Serenity Haven A family site with a little something for everyone! TTC, Pregnancy, Parenting, Naming, Chit Chat, Entertainment, Health, and so much more! 0 5
    45 Purple Rain Cafe We are a friendly, caring community of women who love to kick back and relax. Come join us today! 0 11
    46 Millenium Moms A Place for any mom that has had a baby in the new millenium. 0 4
    48 mommyniffy winter,autumn,summer,spring 0 4
    49 Chattymamas A message board for everyone Parent Non Parent Soon to be parent come join us 0 8
    50 Purple Rain Cafe Happy Spring! A fun loving, relaxed forum for ladies! Come join us! Uncensored! 0 4
    51 Parenting Break Time Repeated exposure to the content of PBT can lead to addiction! Are you ready? 0 4
    52 2006 BABIES For moms who had babies in 2006 , and for mommies to be . We are here for support and wehave fun things to do . ! Freebies, Contests where you can WIN 0 5
    53 The Skin Palace The best resource for skins, logos, & more! 0 5
    54 mommy space a place for mom's of all types to come relax, meet new friends, play games or evern vent. drama free!! 0 8
    55 Say it like it is Great new site for parents and non parents who just want a chat and say things like they see them. 0 5
    56 mumzndadz Over 200 members and still growing, this is a friendly, active parenting forum. 0 4
    57 Mother's Spot Parenting Forums A fun, supportive community for mothers and mothers to be. 0 3
    58 National Parent Network A place for parent's to connect, support, and share. Come check out our message boards, member classifieds and PHOTO CONTEST! 0 5
    59 Prayerful Moms A place for Christian moms to come together with issues from everyday life to ra 0 6
    60 Border Crossing Momma's A group of moms who reach across all of North Americas Borders to be friends! 0 4
    61 Moms Connected 2 Christ A Place Where Moms Can Talk and Learn from one another. 0 5
    62 Friendship Palace The FRIENDLIEST site for moms and the best place to make new friendships! 0 4
    63 Dropping Pounds LADIES ONLY weight loss support and advice forum! 0 12
    64 Parenting Now Friendly Parenting site for Mother's, Father's and Grandparent's. Please join today! 0 4
    65 World Wide Friends A brand new site for parents full of friendship, family and loads of fun! Come check us out! 0 2
    66 littleroses where the friendship never ends!!!! 0 4
    67 Family Fun BRAND new parenting web site... Games, people, fun, music, hot gossip 0 4
    68 Mamas United A place for all mothers! No cliques No drama and all original mamas! 0 4
    69 Parent-World Connecting Parents Around The World 0 7
    70 ParentsHideOut A new place for Parents to come and Hide Out and Play 0 6
    71 Mumz 2 Bubz and Beyond A friendly and supportive mums forum 0 5
    72 ...share your todays, tomorrows & yesterdays! 0 6
    73 Parentscafe A forum for mums,dads and mums to be, come along and have a look today! 0 5
    74 PDX Mommas Where Portland Metro Moms Come to Meet 0 5
    75 Fun Zone a wonderful parenting message board 0 6
    76 Mums World Mums World a Friendly site for Mums and Mums To Be,Created in January 2005, Has featured on the Local Radio and Local Newspaper, With over 400 Members 0 5
    77 Its a Womans Thing A womans forum run by women for women, its a great place to make friends & chill 0 2
    78 just parents parenting board 0 4
    79 ParentsNZ A group for Parents and Expectant Parents in NZ 0 5
    80 Mama's Heaven A place for all women to talk about their lives, children, and more! 0 4
    81 Top 40 Parenting Websites Searchable A-Z Parenting Link & Web Directory Listings! Get yours; get listed ... 0 4
    82 Night Life NightLife is for ladies only married or not, a mom or not . A place to have fun and let their hair down. 0 5
    83 GrabAss Girls If you are looking for a good place to just be yourself without the worries of being censored, this is the perfect place to be. 0 5
    84 Mumszone A place to meet and chat with other parents. With its own games and chatroom, plus a forum and submit a link section. 0 4
    85 Mummykatz Parenting forum 0 4
    86 nude tube iXipHNzuHCsHTOGuGJA 0 10
    87 taodeis oDtzLrLoEQn 0 5
    88 Pajama Momma A fun parenting,Ttcing and pregnancy forum.We have lots of forums,an arcade and competitions 0 5
    89 Mama Naturally A natural parenting forum. Free from fees & heavey moderation. Cloth diapering 0 4
    90 Parent's Life A Place to share your parenting experiences 0 5
    91 Mommies R Us Warm and friendly community of WOMEN. Come join us and talk to us about life, children, interests and yourself! 0 6
    92 Halesowen mums A great site to discuss parenting and other issues,make new friends,join in quizzes games and competitions and its all free 0 4
    93 Modern Housewives New Message Board!!! A sanctuary for modern day housewives and stay at home moms who love what they do! 0 4
    94 Parents Lounge UK community for parents and parents-to-be. Chat, get advice, have fun. 0 5
    95 Parents Online A brand new forum for all parents 0 4
    96 Beautiful Colours A parenting board for Interracial Relationships, and family & friends. 0 6
    97 Ladies Retreat A forum for all women to come and relax, talk about everyday life 0 5
    98 Midwest Parents A *new* message board for parents in the Midwestern area of the U.S. to connect! 0 3
    99 Mommies Paradise Come join us if you are a ttc, pregnant or a mommy. Everyone needs friends that will support them. 0 5
    100 Parents Hideout A place for mommies and daddies to come and talk about everything! 0 8

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